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Free Motorola Ringtones

Free Motorola Ringtones

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Motorola is a big Fortune 100 company that specializes in cell phones and other wireless materials. This includes television, digital video recorders, and other related technology material. Recently Motorola fell on hard times, in large part due to the economy. However they have recently made a resurgence with the Motorola Droid, a smartphone that was picked up by Verizon using the Droid name. Since we are a major provider of free motorola ringtones, we also provide free droid ringtones for Droid users who want ringtones for their phone. However we must warn you that although we provide ringtones speicifically for Motorola and Droid, we are not affiliated with either company. Also our free motorola ringtones are not actually free. We partner with Flycell and they generally charge customers nine dollars per month to cover usage, licensing, and bandwidth fees.

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